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Welcome to Ivystart

IvyStart is a coliving network for people interested in technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. We began as the first and only coliving network of college entrepreneurs within the Ivy League whose passion for big ideas, technology, and doing what they loved encouraged them to seek like-minded people who wanted to work on great things.

IvyStart is coliving done differently. We believe that the relationships you build living in one of our communities are some of the most meaningful and valuable you’ll ever have. At IvyStart, we believe everyone with passion and drive deserves a strong network, just like what they would get at an Ivy League school, to help them achive their goals and create the life they want to live. Our communities foster meaningful relationships,passion for big ideas, and connect members to amazing opportunities to start something new or land great jobs

Here are some of the perks you could enjoy with Ivystart:

  • •  Fully Furnished and Air Conditioned Rooms
  • •  Communal Areas - with large flatscreen TVs, gaming systems,and furnishing
  • •  Subscriptions(HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime,and more)
  • •  Fastest Wifi money can buy
  • •  Community Events & Outings - Hikes, dinners, barbecues, bars, clubbing, hackathons,and more
  • •  Professional Cleaning
  • •  Food, snacks, and drinks
  • •  Guest speakers, mentorship, and networking events
  • •  Full-sized beds & memory-foam mattresses
  • •  Sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, and Toiletries
  • •  Supplies(silverware, pots & pans)
  • •  Coworking spaces + Dining room + Activities room
  • •  Bike/skateboard Share
  • •  Shared amenities
  • •  Goal sessions
  • Laundry services available for a small fee

Three easy steps to live at Ivystart:

1. Apply Online (The Application link is in the navigation bar at the top of the page)

2. Interview

3. Sign membership agreement

4. Live where it all connects

Designing and creating something new is a challenging, stressful, and oftentimes lonely process. We totally understand.

However, whether you've just started or are already making money off your ideas, we all benefit from being around other creative and innovative people.

Whether you need other people to give you feedback on your products/ideas, connect you to different people/resources on campus, help you find investors, or simply support you during the many low periods of the creative process, consider living at Ivystart.

Check out a recent article written about us by Entrepreneurship@Dyson


Here's a taste of what Ivystart offers:

  • •  Flexible Living Arrangements(Only pay for the time you stay)
  • •  Private and Shared Rooms available
  • •  Luxury home and amenities
  • •  Strong network of professionals who will help you throughout your entire career
  • •  Members have lifetime access our digital alumni network and are always welcomed back for events

Ivystart helps you accomplish your goals

Startups/ Entrepreneurs

  • •  Exclusive access to venture capitalists and angel investors partners(Seattle, NYC, and Silicon Valley)
  • •  Mentorship from successful entrepreneurs
  • •  Access to accounting & business advice from certified professionals(our house manager is a CPA who can help you with business and personal tax questions).
  • •  Access to legal, marketing, and programming help.


  • •  Connections to major employers in a variety of industries(Large tech companies, startups, finance, etc) in Seattle, NYC, and Silicon Valley.
  • Strong Alumni network
  • Connections to elite universities

If you have a property that you would like for us to professionally manage/lease, please email us at start@ivystart.house

We can offer the following benefits:

-Significantly higher rents
-Professional management
-Multi-year(or single year) leases
-Rent paid several months in advance
-High quality tenants
-Full coverage

We are also looking for people interested in connecting with our community. We actively host events and we’re extremely interested in bringing in people involved in the entrepreneurial community to give talks, mentor the people in our community, or partner with us in a variety of ways. Don’t be shy, send us an email!

We’re particularly interested in connecting with:

-Angel investors or venture capitalists
-Lawyers and Accountants
-Anyone excited about innovation and technology